What Can Plantation Shutters Do For You?

The World renowned for their perfect grace and beauty, many regard plantation shutters as one of the best window treatments available on the market. However, these indoor shutters deserve your financial investment for more than their classy and classical look, as they also add a measure of privacy and energy efficiency to your home. How is this so?

Enhancing privacy with minimal effort

The issue with a lot of other window coverings is that they do not offer complete personal privacy. Drapes can flutter open at inopportune minutes with the windows open, and blinds break and shift far too quickly.

Windows covered with plantation shutters never have the problems mentioned above even in the strongest cross-drafts. They remain shut or open as you like and offer total personal privacy when they are closed. You never have to worry about a neighbour glimpsing through the fractures in your window coverings because the louvres on plantation shutters shut firmly and remain in that position till you open them again.

Helps with energy efficiency all year round

Plantation shutters were immensely popular to the courts of the French king Louis XIV because they assisted the Royals to keep their homes fresh and comfortable during the humid summer time and the cold winter seasons. It did not take long for artisans to peddle the shutters in South America and the rest of the world as it remains as popular as ever for the very same reason and yet another good reason why you would want to consider adding these shutters to your home.

In the summer season, plantation shutters permit you to let both light and air in throughout the cooler parts of the day. They also totally block the hot midday summer sun, keeping your house cooler. The reverse goes for the winter season: open the louvres during the midday sun to help warm your house and close them throughout the rest of the day to keep your heating costs low.

Custom-made to perfectly fit your home

The reason why plantation shutters work so well for both privacy and energy performance is that they can be customised to fit your home perfectly. A professional plantation shutter company like “Inwood Blinds and Shutters” will always custom make each shutter they install so that it will fit the consumer’s home precisely. This tight fit guarantees that your windows are correctly covered to keep prying eyes, in addition to staving off excessive heat and cold.

As you acquire your brand-new plantation shutters, remember that they deserve the financial investment because they can simultaneously protect your personal privacy and lower your energy costs throughout the year. These great window treatments are worth every penny, particularly when compared to the other dull choices in the market.

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